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Muntz & Partners can also help you with personal and business loans.

There has been rapid change in the financial industry in recent years which has had a significant effect on the delivery of Banking Services. As a result of financial deregulation and the introduction of new players to the market and mortgage originators, the Banks were forced to reduce their interest margins. This led to the Banks decreasing costs resulting in lost experience and service standards then suffered. Bank and non-bank lenders now need to look towards mortgage originators to distribute their products.

We have considered these trends and the need to be of assistance to you and now offer a finance brokerage service. The primary focus of this service, as with our Accounting & Financial Planning Service is to:

  • Provide a personalised service using our extensive knowledge of your accounting and taxation affairs to ensure the best result.
  • Have experienced and qualified staff to advise you in dealing with your affairs.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and unbiased integrity.

The aim of our new service is to meet your needs in the areas of:

  • Housing Finance
  • Investment Property Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Equipment Finance (Commercial Hire Purchase / Leasing)

Our practice manager, Domenic Fulco and Mike Holmes are well-versed in finance transactions, handle the finance brokerage. Collectively they have over 40 years experience in the banking and mortgage broking industry and their knowledge we can help secure the solution that suits you best.

It is our desire to provide you with professional service through gaining a thorough understanding of your personal requirements and/or the business and industry in which you operate. Also the use of our existing knowledge of your accounting and taxation affairs will assist us to be able to recommend the most effective loan to suit your circumstances. Once a financial solution has been established we will place this proposal with a lender that can offer the best deal for you and your business. Our differentiation to the major banks and other brokers is the "Accounting and Taxation link" Which gives you the advantage of dealing with someone who is familiar with your business and personal affairs. We have the commercial understanding to assist in getting the best possible outcome for you.

With interest rates at their current levels, this may be the best time to refinance and save. Choosing the right loan can save you many thousands of dollars and early repayment of your mortgage.

If you are looking for a loan or would like a free appraisal on whether you could save yourself some money through refinancing, give Mike or Domenic a call at our office on 9445 3488. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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