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Financial Health Check

We are pleased to introduce a Financial Health Check into our current range of client services.

Assisting in the preparation and delivery of this service is Plan B Wealth Management – a highly experienced and reputable ASX-listed wealth management firm.

The key questions to be answered by the process are:

  1. Core wealth – will I have enough to achieve my goals?
  2. Debt Management – when will I be debt free?
  3. Superannuation – how much should I have?
  4. Insurance – do I have adequate cover?
    And for those of you in business
  5. Non-business assets – have I invested adequately outside my business?

The process looks at your current financial position and projects your financial outcome into retirement after taking into account your specific financial goals and objectives and then calculates the probability of achieving this outcome.

The Financial Health Check process involves the following:

  • You complete a fact finding Questionnaire.
  • An initial obligation free meeting is arranged at our office with Peter Carey of Plan B who will further explain the process, review your questionnaire and discuss your key objectives and specific concerns.
  • In approximately 2 weeks a second meeting is arranged in our Boardroom which is an interactive modelling session based on the information contained in your questionnaire and tests various strategy options.
  • After a further two weeks a third meeting is arranged to present the final version of the modelling together with written comment on the main strategic issues facing you as well as an action plan moving forward.

The end document forms the basis of commencing to plan for your retirement. We found the service to be extremely valuable in helping us review our current financial situation and in identifying our financial objectives. It also helped us discover if we were on track – and what we needed to adjust to ensure we achieve our goals.

This is a low cost investment in planning for your future and we strongly recommend that you utilise this service. Please contact us for more information or alternatively click on this link .

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