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Muntz & Partners Praemium V-Wrap service

We are pleased to introduce the Muntz & Partners Praemium V-Wrap service to assist Trustees in managing their Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).

V-Wrap is a comprehensive online portfolio administration service that excels in multi-asset administration, corporate action processing and sophisticated tax and investment reporting which you can view from your own computer. It provides accurate recording of transactions from managed funds, listed equities, direct investments and cash accounts.

It also helps us to manage your tax affairs throughout the year as it accurately records historical data to automatically calculate Capital Gains and Losses either realised or unrealised to assist with tax planning. In many cases, realised gains may be offset much earlier in the financial year to better manage the risk of unfavorable market movements. We can even conduct what-if analysis to assess the impact of sales before you make them. Your direct property assets can also be included in order to calculate the correct level of CGT.

V-Wrap allows you and your advisers to log-on and view portfolio details at any time for all types of investments. Transactions for listed securities can be updated direct from your executing broker and corporate actions are added automatically, as are dividend distributions.

  • All listed securities are revalued daily
  • Links to cash facilities either direct or via BankLink automatically update the cash book function to reconcile trading activity
  • Managed fund data is updated automatically including distributions and revaluations with year end tax splits
  • Direct assets (property and collectibles) and service assets (internally managed syndicates) are input manually

V-Wrap keeps each portfolio up-to-date by rolling forward every day. This process applies new transactions, corporate actions and prices to ensure each portfolio is up to date as of the last business day.

If authority is given to the executing stockbroker to send copies of contract notes, or if you use a broker that clears through GBST, portfolios will be kept constantly up-to-date with little or no administrative effort.

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